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#howtostyle: pastel crochet

Finally have the courage to do my very first #howtostyle video to share with you all.  4 simple and easy tips in 30sec! xx vnikali
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How To Style: Grana Chinese Silk Set

It came across my mind on what were the best fabrics that would suit this crazy summer heat in Hong Kong. So I did some researching on my own to see what kind would work. There were a few factors in my head when picking, such as texture, comfort and potential ways to style up in various ways. At the end, I discovered Chinese Silk, which is a light and soft high quaility texture that has a great feel for a summer fabric. Although most people will misinterpret silk to be a fabric meant for evening or winter wear. If you ask me what are the tips on buying a set of Chinese Silk ? This time for #howtostyle I went for the sa...
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#howtostylewedding: the start

好多時,朋友問我的dream wedding的婚紗是什麼類型或者希望是哪一位設計師的作品,我的反應總是害羞地回答:「結婚時再打算啦! 」好啦!今次我再沒有藉口回避這個答案了,所以我決定分享我的dream wedding 給你們。我經常會接觸不同時裝品牌最新的潮流資訊,所以我每次想起我的 wedding 都一定會加入時裝和潮流的元素。而當中最令我深刻的婚禮情景就是色慾都市中(sex and the city ) Carrie Bradshaw 與 vogue  拍的時裝婚紗攝影。每次我看到這個情節,我都會充滿興奮和代入角色,希望有一天我都可以拍這種時裝風格的婚紗照,甚至乎自己都可以與雜誌合作拍攝婚紗照。婚紗大部份都是白色的,怎樣挑選一件婚紗可以給人留下深刻的印象?是否挑選不同的高跟鞋或者不同的頭飾?容我以型像設...
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