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#howtostyle: pastel crochet

Finally have the courage to do my very first #howtostyle video to share with you all.  4 simple and easy tips in 30sec! xx vnikali
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How To Style: Grana Chinese Silk Set

It came across my mind on what were the best fabrics that would suit this crazy summer heat in Hong Kong. So I did some researching on my own to see what kind would work. There were a few factors in my head when picking, such as texture, comfort and potential ways to style up in various ways. At the end, I discovered Chinese Silk, which is a light and soft high quaility texture that has a great feel for a summer fabric. Although most people will misinterpret silk to be a fabric meant for evening or winter wear. If you ask me what are the tips on buying a set of Chinese Silk ? This time for #howtostyle I went for the sa...
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how to style : bespoke bag by Hugo Boss

If you are in search for a new handbag that will not go out of style, I want to introduce you all to Hugo Boss’s Bespoke Bag, which I have selected to share for this week’s #howtostyle. It’s modern classic, vibrant colours and luxury functional appearance are great for work chic to posh sleek. What I love about this Bespoke Bag, are the tailoring details and architectural shape that can modernise your looks without over powering it. By combining the right colour coordination, you can easily stand out from the crowd looking posh and sharp with the latest classic handbag. Check out for more styling tips for both ...
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Self- Express with Tiffany’s Atlas Collection

 Exploring polished Roman numerals with a chic sophistication. The classic symbols can be mixed and matched with various styling. It’s pretty obvious we can wear jewelry by itself with a simple top and skinny jeans. But I would encourage you to self-express and explore the art of pairing Roman numerals against stylish cuts, fun prints and light textures. The classic simplicity design of Tiffany’s Atlas Collection allows you to wear it from day to night and weekdays to weekends. For the past few weeks, I found myself experimenting and willing to try something new. Classic doesn’t mean repeating the past; I would proudly sa...
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