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Chopard Collection

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How to style with colourful stripes in Modern, Classy and Trendy for the perfect street snaps. When we think of stripes, we usually think of classic white and blue nautical. For me that’s the basic of stripes but if you think outside the box we can have so much with this all time classic pattern that never goes out of style. The key is to know a few styling tips that can add extra character. #OMEGAHerTime to express her unique style in confidence. I have picked 3 styles of watches OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black , OMEGA De Ville Tresor and Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m Collection. First one is to have a stripe pattern th...
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Key. Skin. Beauty. Radiance.

Have you ever wondered what CLÉ DE PEAU BEAUTÉ means in English? CLÉ  is Key, PEAU is Skin and BEAUTÉ is Beauty, these simple keywords mean The key to Skin’s Beauty. When there is a key, there must be a lock to locking something or unlocking it. Don’t think it as a physical “key” but a new expression on knowing your inner beauty to release the power of vision. I am a huge believer in faith and inexhaustible energy that can change you inside out to effect on others too. As a stylist and tastemaker, I constantly strive for brightness of tomorrow to seek for new curiosities. This is what keeps my passion in what I do and h...
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Coming back from Los Angeles, I am fully recharged with the LA vibes but most of all the precious experience with  Felicity Jones, the New Face of  Clé de Peau Beauté. I got a chance to do an interview with her to know more about what she thinks about the brand and some of her personal styling secrets. Her  aspirational personality and intellegnce has definitely made our conversation a one to remember. I still recall her speech during the relaunch event, she proudly says” a group of women, when a time of unity with our female friends is needed more than ever”. It’s the time for us to empower each other not for attention...
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OMEGA Her Time

#OMEGAHerTime travels from Milan, Moscow and China, which displays and evolutions of women’s timepieces and changing style. When we are able to bring  time and style in equal measure, that means we have not wasted any of our time. I used to keep thinking about ” me time” equals ” her time” meaning that I just like to being alone and having moments by myself that would give me a whole lot of time.  Let’s all ask ourselves a question,  If you were able to capsule your time to inspired others what would it be? Reflecting my 2017, I have travelled  and spent a fair of amount of “me time” but not really a “her ti...
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