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moncler chic at Harbin, Yabuli

 HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. Wanted to make my first 2015 post memorable, I decided to share with you all my snowboarding journey from Harbin. This Christmas is by far the coldest Christmas I have ever had. Up in the mountains of Yabuli, Harbin, the average temperature is around -30 not including wind chills. I had to be honest to myself, there was no way I can style myself fashionable in such cold weather. Down jackets are my prior option to stay warm, but most down jackets tend you add 50 pounds to your body shape. Moncler was the perfect gear for me to fight this cold weather while looking chic! Surprisingly,  It helped my s...
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2014 resolution inspired by M·A·C AIDS Fund

Not long ago, I signed up for the Unicef Marathon on behalf of M·A·C AIDS to support the awareness of the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. The 5km run was a bit of a challenge for me since I was used to short distance sprinting from high school track and field. Whenever there were long distance running, I would be the first one to raise up my hand to surrender. This was a great opportunity for me to overcome my fear for long distance marathon. 5km might be easy peasy for others but for me it was a good challenge! After training for a while, I discovered a few techniques that would distract my mind from thinking how ...
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