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A Beauty Journey at Maison Sisley in Paris 8th District

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Let’s Play, Saut Hermès au Grand Palais 2018

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OMEGA Her Time

#OMEGAHerTime travels from Milan, Moscow and China, which displays and evolutions of women’s timepieces and changing style. When we are able to bring  time and style in equal measure, that means we have not wasted any of our time. I used to keep thinking about ” me time” equals ” her time” meaning that I just like to being alone and having moments by myself that would give me a whole lot of time.  Let’s all ask ourselves a question,  If you were able to capsule your time to inspired others what would it be? Reflecting my 2017, I have travelled  and spent a fair of amount of “me time” but not really a “her ti...
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when in Europe

When in Europe, you will be drawn by it’s artichtures  and lifestyle that motivates you to experiment with European style. Romantic settings that increase your passion with your loved one. I can’t wait to explore this city next week through my style and love story.      FACEBOOK / WEIBO/ INSTAGRAM  Follow my blog with Bloglovin xx vnikali  
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