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Colours at La Plantation d’Albion and Les Villas d’Albion Club Med Environment

As a colour mood lover, La Plantation d’Albion and Les Villas d’Albion Club Med is a destination where it gave me a colour story to share with everyone. Inside the west bank of Mauritius I found myself surrounded by zen elements that brought my soul closer to nature. The vibrant warm colours of La Plantation d’Albion room gave passionate energy against the traditional materials in the interior styling. The balcony on the upper floor with a garden view was a great place to just step out to breathe fresh air anytime. During the resort tour, the Zen swimming pool beside The Phare caught my attention to go back. I decided to wake ...
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The colours of world iconic Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab from Jumeirahgroup a is well known for the sailed ship shape from the outside and the 5th tallest hotel in the world,  but how often do we know what the inside looks like. To kick off the New Years of 2019, I spent my countdown in Dubai to experience extravaganza interior of Burj Al Arab that will take your breathe away because in every dimension you would want to take an instagram worthy photo to share your more that 5 star experience. Here are a few tips and tricks I will share with you all in selecting the right colours to make yourself pop up from the vibrant decors of restaurants, hotel rooms and wellness. I wa...
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