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How to style with colourful stripes in Modern, Classy and Trendy for the perfect street snaps. When we think of stripes, we usually think of classic white and blue nautical. For me that’s the basic of stripes but if you think outside the box we can have so much with this all time classic pattern that never goes out of style. The key is to know a few styling tips that can add extra character. #OMEGAHerTime to express her unique style in confidence. I have picked 3 styles of watches OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black , OMEGA De Ville Tresor and Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m Collection. First one is to have a stripe pattern th...
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How to style at Ted Baker, Pacific Place

好多女士包括我自己都希望有個大型衣櫃,裝滿令人散發雍容華貴氣質的衣飾,而金鐘太古廣場新裝修的Ted Baker就可以帶給我這種新的購物體驗。我愛上它古典優雅的英倫氣息,每一套衫都充滿著貴氣。走進窗簾飾以Rococo 年代金粉紅色刺繡的更衣室時,我猶如回到Marie Antonie 的時代。今次我就挑選了幾件今季一定要有的款式,以不同顏色和質地,加上配飾就可以穿出自己個人風格。 Look 1: 60s posh 第一眼看見這件毛毛外套時覺得很有新鮮感, 可以為穿上它的女士增添六十年代風格.。由於這件外套十分搶眼,我會以白色雪紡上身和黑色下身來作配搭。在挑選恤衫時我會建議Bow shirt detailing。   Look 2 : Royal 這套衫的靈感是來自更衣室的窗簾顏色,Pastel淺粉紅色和金色的對比能撞出一...
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how to style: scarf top in 2 looks

A silk scarf tank top has officially joined my new must have for travel style must bring. It’s a top that can be worn with  swimwear and daytime wear too! So if you are off to a boat trip/ beach party, then a casual date, this styling tip will help you get ready in no time.  So next time if you are packing for an exotic trip, try to pack a scarf top to style up your outfits. Styling Tips for Swimwear Look: Wear your swimwear underneath the scarf top, then accessorize with a beach hat and sandals. For a classic look, I would recommend a high waist swimwear bottom. It can also elongate your legs while you are in flats.  ...
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