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from runway to everyday: Miu Miu denim cape

The first look at Miu Miu's SS13 fashion were all dark denim styled with a pair of soft leather long gloves. The silhouettes shadowed 50's couture classic with various textures. You can notice a mixture of the rich and the poor fabrics which brought out another kind of elegant in Miu Miu's SS13 collection. The denims from this collection were my favorite compare from the other looks, especially the capes and long jackets. Adding a shirt collar with hints accessories to your denim cape will give a personal touch to your runway piece.  Styling Tips: For a more delicate feeling while wearing denim, try a darker wash (ink blue) ...
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Ladymatic : simply graceful, timeless and elegant

In a gentlemen point of view, watches look and style can give others a peek into a man's background and taste without asking much question. As for most ladies, we seek for designs that catches our attention and can be treated as an accessory. Instead of just appricating timepieces by it's outlook, I wanted to have a deeper understanding of Ladymatic's history, design concept and its heart.  What's your first thought when you think of Ladymatic? For me, there is an automatic image of Nicole Kidman's graceful smile wearing a long silk gown on OMEGA's Ad Campaign. But what is really behind Ladymatic that draws attention to m...
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