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Key. Skin. Beauty. Radiance.

Have you ever wondered what CLÉ DE PEAU BEAUTÉ means in English? CLÉ  is Key, PEAU is Skin and BEAUTÉ is Beauty, these simple keywords mean The key to Skin’s Beauty. When there is a key, there must be a lock to locking something or unlocking it. Don’t think it as a physical “key” but a new expression on knowing your inner beauty to release the power of vision. I am a huge believer in faith and inexhaustible energy that can change you inside out to effect on others too. As a stylist and tastemaker, I constantly strive for brightness of tomorrow to seek for new curiosities. This is what keeps my passion in what I do and h...
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modern sleek grunge style

What a girl wants and what a girl needs is a 90’s rebellion mixed with modern femininity from Tommy x Gigi latest collection. Let’s skip white this time and pair up red and blue for a modern sleek grunge style. The most important thing for a grunge look is keeping comfortable in flannel. Whenever you mix and match with high turtleneck and sleek back hair, it automatic shouts modern sleek attitude. To give it an extra effortless layering, let’s try a pattern on pattern on the waistline for a femininity curve. Throw on a cute back pack and a dark velvet lip to complete this look.
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Season 3 of Tommy x Gigi Collection

Season 3 of Tommy x Gigi Collection is totally different from the past California or Military inspired design. Still keeping Tommy Hilfiger’s classic Americana look, I noticed a pop of rebellious grunge to this  collection. I am in love with the turtlenecks and crop tops from this collection. Keeping it 90’s rebellion, there is still space for a modern femininity in every look. For my look, I have added bold statement earrings with sparkle sneakers to give the puff bomber a bit of glam. This creates a perfect street chic without looking too casual yet over dressing. Stay tuned for my next look for a more bold and sleek style w...
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Colour Crush

  Colours, stripes and micro florals are all classic to me. It’s a wardrobe must have and each piece brings a bold statement. What if we combine it all together? Well, this season Tommy Hilfiger does summer’s statement colour-blocking. Some may think that it will be too busy or a bit hard to carry but if you add in athletic accent with a feminine touch then it can be easily worn. What I love about this look is the wide micro floral trouser that is casual yet gives a feminine touch. STYLING TIP: TUCK IN STRIPE TOP FOR CREATE A WAISTLINE AND IT ALSO GIVES A PREPPY LOOK INSTEAD OF LETTING THE TOP HANGING OUT. THROW ON A PAIR ...
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Michael Kors and I

When something happens without any expectation, that’s the best feeling you can ever get. I had this #dreamcometrue moment with Michael Kors during the event. It all happened organiclly when Michael Kors walked towards my direction and welcomed me personally to the shop opening. He was sincere,  down to earth , friendly and his energy really inspired me. While my heart was filled with excitement and pounding like there was no tomorrow. I mean this is how a girl should feel when they meet one of their fav designers, but don’t worry I kept it cool and elegant without embarrassing myself!!   I would of never expected this to h...
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