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date night at Vaucluse

Let’s ditch the night life of night clubs and really enjoy life with an alluring, vibrant setting at Vaucluse. Dressing up for a date night always excites me, especially when travelling to another destination. I had a little crave for a French cuisine dinner but with a New York vibe. Walking into the beautifully contemporary design elements of Vaucluse in my sequins top with live jazz music in the background already had me in the for a little celebration. Every month on the 11th, Lucas and I would have celebrate for our monthly anniversary. Two of the dishes I would recommend are the Foie Gras Poêlé and Côtelettes d’Agn...
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Roof Garden at The South Beach

          We knew that The South Beach was a great location to shoot for couple style, but we never thought the Sky Garden was the perfect location for our “save the date”  cards. The modern yet sophisticated environment definitely gave us an inspiration in creating a mini photoshoot that would give our guest a wow factor. Every angle had it’s own character in terms of furniture arrangement. Most importantly, it provided a sense of zen in the middle of the city of Singapore. Read more
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