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SPRING BLOSSOMS by Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London’s Spring blossoms to take me somewhere that speaks to my heart. It’s been a rough half year, it also made me understand that it’s so important to constantly stay fresh in mind and soul in order to overcome obstacles.  Believe it or not, surround yourself with an uplifting scent can create another atmosphere for you to enjoy. My heart wants to step into the freshness to spend quality time on my own sooth my min and soul on reflective moments. A heart warming moment that rejuvenates my mind in the hectic days, I love the Waterlily & Yuja of “ Me Time” in the Nature. Even  if  its  a moment  to spend time...
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Chopard Collection

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A Beauty Journey at Maison Sisley in Paris 8th District

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4 must have items from La Prairie Skin Caviar Collection

What I love about  La Prairie Skin Caviar Collection is it soothes, calms and provides anti-oxidant protection from the environment I live in.  I believe that skin also needs to be taken care of in a luxury way for it age ( ageing is a reality, we just need to face it and take good care of our skin)  gracefully. Here are 4 items I would recommend for anyone who wants to try the Skin Caviar collection and are my person favourites.   1. Skin Caviar Essence in Lotion After a long day of shooting or after a night of drinking at an event, this is the very first step in my skin care routine to repair the damage I might have done to...
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There is a saying, no matter how busy a person is, they will always find time for you. As for me, no matter how busy I am, I will always find a time to reward my mind and body. Sharing the same aesthetics with Jane, Spa Director of bliss spa @W Hong Kong.  She shares her vision for modern cosmopolitans  that knows what they want in life and how they choose to live life. Life creates a perfect balance when you know how to work hard and play hard ( Spa hard – at least for me it is) . Forecasting the beauty trend, Jane tells us that most people seek for lean and glow beauty combination.  We want to be healthy , natural and most ...
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