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Swimming with the Dolphins at Excursion Activity

When life gives you the chance to check off a thing on your bucket list you must not hesitate and go for it. During my trip to Mauritius, I had experienced a series of adventures that I thought I would not be able to do. From doing backflips on trapeze up in the air to snorkelling out in the deep ocean for the very first time. Exploring beyond d’Albion Club Med, I joined one of the unique excursion activity “ Marine Private Excursions in Mauritius”. I have always had imagery of myself swimming with the dolphins with rays of ocean light shining against my skin. This time. I had the opportunity to make it happen for my excursion...
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Tailor Made dinning at Club Med

Tailor made dinning experience throughout my stay at Club Med was a delight. My butler Jean Michelle, was a sweetheart to always prepare lots of juice and fruits in the fridge for me. This is the kind of luxury I love. Whenever I am not in my villa having a quiet breakfast or afternoon tea with the private view. Or zipping free champagne served by my butler at the backyard reading my book from 4-6 pm before my dinner.  Among the two restaurants The Distillerie and The Phare, I spent most my meals at The Distillerie since there was so much variety to choose from. As fruits and vegetable lover, there were a wide range of fresh pre...
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The colours of world iconic Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab from Jumeirahgroup a is well known for the sailed ship shape from the outside and the 5th tallest hotel in the world,  but how often do we know what the inside looks like. To kick off the New Years of 2019, I spent my countdown in Dubai to experience extravaganza interior of Burj Al Arab that will take your breathe away because in every dimension you would want to take an instagram worthy photo to share your more that 5 star experience. Here are a few tips and tricks I will share with you all in selecting the right colours to make yourself pop up from the vibrant decors of restaurants, hotel rooms and wellness. I wa...
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The first thing that came to my mind while packing to my trip to Penta Moscow was how to look chic in layers of coats under the -20 degree. As you know, whenever I travel, I love to go to iconic location and hotel interiors for the perfect instagram photo to inspire stylish travellers. The convenient location of the hotel was a bonus for me to be able to navigate around Kremlin, Bolshoi Theatre and Red Square. For this trip, I brought cashmere coats and down jackets shoot inside and outside hotel area. Getting prepare to go around Penta Moscow area to seek for the good location, I did my planning right on the wall inside the hote...
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Chopard Collection

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