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SPRING BLOSSOMS by Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London’s Spring blossoms to take me somewhere that speaks to my heart. It’s been a rough half year, it also made me understand that it’s so important to constantly stay fresh in mind and soul in order to overcome obstacles.  Believe it or not, surround yourself with an uplifting scent can create another atmosphere for you to enjoy. My heart wants to step into the freshness to spend quality time on my own sooth my min and soul on reflective moments. A heart warming moment that rejuvenates my mind in the hectic days, I love the Waterlily & Yuja of “ Me Time” in the Nature. Even  if  its  a moment  to spend time...
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Press Reset Tonight with Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate

Every night we have the choice to go out or stay in at night to end the day. Let’s just say the night is yours, there are no certain rules on how to make your night magic. I tend to be “staying in” kind of girl to read a book and pamper myself after a long day. My biggest concern is always getting the beauty rest for skin inside out, especially when my skin can be irritated and stressed from traveling. This time I am in Milan with Estée Lauder to be the first few to witness the launch of  Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate , also to understand that skin has a natural, synchronized circadian rhythm – repairing...
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A Beauty Journey at Maison Sisley in Paris 8th District

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Key. Skin. Beauty. Radiance.

Have you ever wondered what CLÉ DE PEAU BEAUTÉ means in English? CLÉ  is Key, PEAU is Skin and BEAUTÉ is Beauty, these simple keywords mean The key to Skin’s Beauty. When there is a key, there must be a lock to locking something or unlocking it. Don’t think it as a physical “key” but a new expression on knowing your inner beauty to release the power of vision. I am a huge believer in faith and inexhaustible energy that can change you inside out to effect on others too. As a stylist and tastemaker, I constantly strive for brightness of tomorrow to seek for new curiosities. This is what keeps my passion in what I do and h...
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Coming back from Los Angeles, I am fully recharged with the LA vibes but most of all the precious experience with  Felicity Jones, the New Face of  Clé de Peau Beauté. I got a chance to do an interview with her to know more about what she thinks about the brand and some of her personal styling secrets. Her  aspirational personality and intellegnce has definitely made our conversation a one to remember. I still recall her speech during the relaunch event, she proudly says” a group of women, when a time of unity with our female friends is needed more than ever”. It’s the time for us to empower each other not for attention...
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