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Mecca Beauty: the beauty of mind to body

 Living in a fast paced environment in Hong Kong can cause us stress and frustration. A few years ago when I first came back to Hong Kong, my skin was really bad since I wasn’t used to the people, rapid lifestyle and weather compare to Vancouver. Eventually it got better after a period of time, but weather isn’t the only thing that will affect your skin. Recently, I have been visiting Mecca Beauty for some beauty secrets. During my visits it made me realize the importance of wellness, stress management and relaxation to let your inner beauty shine. Wellness is generally having a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit t...
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TopShop Unique AW13 Live @ vnikali blog

Happy CNY everyone! Hope you all had a great time with your family and friends! Let's start off the Snake year with Topshop Unique's AW13 LIVE fashion show. Topshop Unique has always drawn a huge good crowd to their shows. Their on trend, high end street designs and uber cool vibe has attracted loyal fashionistas to join their show. Basically most of the " IT" girls of the year will be sitting at the front row watching the show. Special thanks to Topshop Unique for sharing this wonderful experience to everyone around the world. Now, we are able to watch the show live!!! Last year was all about Modern Military, Oversized/Chuck...
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