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Cafe Looks for Autumn

It’s the time to dress up warm and cozy for nice cup of coffee. Last year at this time of the year I was off to a short trip for my birthday month. This year not being able to fly, I decided to create 4 different styles to blend it at the newly opened Ninetys at Lee Garden Two. From edgy to sophisticated, every corner you can create you cafe style. What I love about this atmosphere is the balance between leather, nature and modern industrial interior. I thought the best colours for the looks would go around black, blue and light to against them. Since the weather is slightly getting cooler, we can incorporate heavier materials ...
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It’s been around half a year since I travelled, I have to be very honest , it feels surreal in a way that I don’t have the choice to travel. My suitcase has been lying in my home for a while. When it comes to couple travel, travelling to different places for leisure and work used to be a part of our living style, where it’s a time for us to refresh and recharge ourselves.   That’s why we wanted to have a getaway close to home that gives us an experience of revisiting memories from travelling aboard. The checking in hotel, rushing to the bathroom tubs, getting ready to go out to try Michelin restaurants, having  some “ME”...
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date night at Vaucluse

Let’s ditch the night life of night clubs and really enjoy life with an alluring, vibrant setting at Vaucluse. Dressing up for a date night always excites me, especially when travelling to another destination. I had a little crave for a French cuisine dinner but with a New York vibe. Walking into the beautifully contemporary design elements of Vaucluse in my sequins top with live jazz music in the background already had me in the for a little celebration. Every month on the 11th, Lucas and I would have celebrate for our monthly anniversary. Two of the dishes I would recommend are the Foie Gras Poêlé and Côtelettes d’Agn...
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Let jewellery, flower and fragrance speaks our love story

Discovering unique gift sets for your special someone is all about the special thoughts within. Love can be like rare precious metals and natural gems combined together as a perfect match. This is also the concept of HETING’s craftsmanship on jewelries. The most beautiful part is creating special pieces of art with fire (passionate love) to combine the two together.  With brand’s concept of the mysticism, spirituality and unfurling beauty of the cosmos, HETING designs a wearable piece of art “Water Crystal of Eternity”  pendant which symbolises eternal love. When there is love, there must be passion in lovers to conti...
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Self- Express with Tiffany’s Atlas Collection

 Exploring polished Roman numerals with a chic sophistication. The classic symbols can be mixed and matched with various styling. It’s pretty obvious we can wear jewelry by itself with a simple top and skinny jeans. But I would encourage you to self-express and explore the art of pairing Roman numerals against stylish cuts, fun prints and light textures. The classic simplicity design of Tiffany’s Atlas Collection allows you to wear it from day to night and weekdays to weekends. For the past few weeks, I found myself experimenting and willing to try something new. Classic doesn’t mean repeating the past; I would proudly sa...
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