It’s the time to dress up warm and cozy for nice cup of coffee. Last year at this time of the year I was off to a short trip for my birthday month. This year not being able to fly, I decided to create 4 different styles to blend it at the newly opened Ninetys at Lee Garden Two. From edgy to sophisticated, every corner you can create you cafe style. What I love about this atmosphere is the balance between leather, nature and modern industrial interior. I thought the best colours for the looks would go around black, blue and light to against them. Since the weather is slightly getting cooler, we can incorporate heavier materials such  leather, boots and cashmere. Not to miss bold accessories to add extra personality to your cafe look, especially for close up shots. 

Look 1 :  Colour Leather with Chains 
Leather always gives an edgy style to overall look, to make it more luxury we can layer chains to add dimension again the bold color. It’s also perfect for half body and close up shots while enjoying your latte. 
Credits: Jacket and bag by : INNIU
Jewellery by : APM MONACO 

Look 2: Cashmere Sophistication 
A light grey against the warm brown leather bar chairs and table which gives another feeling of drinking coffee. This is great for ladies who love a simple yet elegant style. With a contrasting baby blue bag, this will make it Royal inspired ! 
Credits :
Cashmere Coat and Bag by : INNIU 

Look 3: Tough black pleats 

For a more tough look I think a black dress with black boots is a powerful statement. You will also stand out from the grey walls. The Ports Pure dress with a stamp overlay pleats is beautiful for sitting down for a dramatic drape. 

Earrings and Necklace  : APM MONACO 
Dress: Ports Pure 
Boots:  iiJin