Tailor made dinning experience throughout my stay at Club Med was a delight. My butler Jean Michelle, was a sweetheart to always prepare lots of juice and fruits in the fridge for me. This is the kind of luxury I love. Whenever I am not in my villa having a quiet breakfast or afternoon tea with the private view. Or zipping free champagne served by my butler at the backyard reading my book from 4-6 pm before my dinner.  Among the two restaurants The Distillerie and The Phare, I spent most my meals at The Distillerie since there was so much variety to choose from. As fruits and vegetable lover, there were a wide range of fresh pressed juices , salad bars  and unique appetiser dishes to choose from everyday. There were special theme nights that gave the menu extra spices, I personally loved the Gala Dinner where guest were dressed up to experience French Cuisine. My favroite dishes were the caviar pouched egg and foie gras on toast. Did you guys know that the heart of palm trees had so much health benefits? One of the GOs from Club Med accompany during my meal and share with me the magic that it does. Palm tree heart contains excellent source of protein and fiber, as well as potassium, vitamins B6 and C, calcium, niacin, phosphorus and zinc. This was the key ingredients that made my stay a beauty detox also. At club med, I never felt hungry because I always had a the freedom to choose what I wanted to eat. As for drinks, I found myself drawn to the view and atmosphere at The Phare. If I wanted a close bar near The Distillerie, The Beach bar Is just seconds away with drinks served after 6 pm.