When life gives you the chance to check off a thing on your bucket list you must not hesitate and go for it. During my trip to Mauritius, I had experienced a series of adventures that I thought I would not be able to do. From doing backflips on trapeze up in the air to snorkelling out in the deep ocean for the very first time. Exploring beyond d’Albion Club Med, I joined one of the unique excursion activity “ Marine Private Excursions in Mauritius”. I have always had imagery of myself swimming with the dolphins with rays of ocean light shining against my skin. This time. I had the opportunity to make it happen for my excursion activity. The itinerary for the day was Meet the Dolphin, Snorkelling, Visit Benitiers Island and BBQ lunch on the Benitiers Island Beach. 

That morning without too much expectation I went off to the black river bay to go on a speed boat to meet the dolphins. Cruising for a while, we stopped in the centre of the ocean witnessing over 30 dolphins swimming together. Watching them from a far distance without disturbing them we continued to follow their morning swim. At the right timing, we went into the ocean snorkelling to take a closer looking inside the ocean blues. After that moment, everything was truly magical that I have never thought I would see in real life. It was the kind of images you would see on National Geographic channel. Rows of free spirit dolphins swimming underwater in water are crystal clear, aqua blue light rays radiating. Any uncertainties, doubts or fear in life has shifted to a soul healing because you realised you need to see things not just from the surface, but really put your perceptive in depth to see things in a whole new angle. It’s the people who dare to look beyond the surface. Heading towards the Benitiers Island Beach for a luxury BBQ lobster lunch. We stopped at the Crystal Rock near Benitiers Island, where the rock is still growing every sec. At Benitiers Island there are handcrafted souvenirs, minibars and fresh local seafood to enjoy. It’s definitely worth spending half a day to be closer to nature and wilds. Throughout the tour, I had no complains but only feeling blessed every second to experience authentic Mauritius.