There is always a happening after dinner time at Club Med, from everyday dress theme parties to a daily special performance. The most memorable ones during my stay were the white theme dinner along the poolside with a special performance by the trapeze team where I met the team earlier that day from my trapeze lesson. It felt extra exciting to watch them perform knowing how much strength and focus is needed. I still recall their introduction on strong motivational phrases to kick off the show. “ Don’t lower your exception to fit the world”. I think this is the key value of all the performers at Club Med, I can sense that they are truly embracing their talents to entertain the guests. The night ended up with a surprise firework that brought the crowd cheering!

When I finished my dinner the other day, one of my GO invited me to stay behind for a Beyonce show, I wondered what she meant. I had the curiosity to hang out around the beach bar to watch the show. Please keep in mind Hong Kong and Mauritius has 4-hour time difference. Therefore if the show started at 10:45 pm, it would mean it’s around 2:45 am in Hong Kong. Fighting through my jet lag, the show started with a bold march in entrance towards the stage. The crew of performers looked very familiar, as I paid closer attention I realised they were the GOs that have been accompanying us throughout our stay. My eye instantly widens while they lite up the stage with catchy tunes an iconic dance moves from Beyonce. From being a bit sleepy to dancing shoulders, I found myself recording the performance to share to my hubby. He even asked if it was the real Bey- once performing at Club Med. This was how good they were !! Ending the night with Bey- once tunes in my head while getting back to the villa, this actually made me recall high school memories. The next night, I joined the live band beside the poolside. The songs they sang for very up to date, even “shallow “ by Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper was on the song list which made me super impressed. As the song list kept on getting better and better, the audience started to open the dance floor. The dim lights made the whole atmosphere like a mini live concert. Glad to just relax and look up the sky filled with stars to end my last night at Club Med.