As a colour mood lover, La Plantation d’Albion and Les Villas d’Albion Club Med is a destination where it gave me a colour story to share with everyone. Inside the west bank of Mauritius I found myself surrounded by zen elements that brought my soul closer to nature. The vibrant warm colours of La Plantation d’Albion room gave passionate energy against the traditional materials in the interior styling. The balcony on the upper floor with a garden view was a great place to just step out to breathe fresh air anytime. During the resort tour, the Zen swimming pool beside The Phare caught my attention to go back. I decided to wake up earlier in the morning to enjoy the sunrise with one of the heavenly settings with the ocean view inside the infinity pool to capture the reflection. At Club Med, there are a lot of common areas to just sit down and relax whenever and wherever. I discovered a private chair area where I can sit inside the cave straw chairs to isolate myself when I wanted some me time. If you are seeking more privacy like myself, the Les Villas d’Albion is your ultimate paradise with your own pool, garden, high ceiling living room. The colour mood of the interiors echos the gentle pace of life. The pop refreshing turquoise inside the villa makes it extra beautiful for my stay. I noticed the dreamy shadows from my walk in the bathroom during the morning to late afternoon, the moving shadows give a poetic mood. If I want to chill outside in the private backyard with a personal pool, it’s only a few steps away. In the mornings, I enjoy a little meditation on the hanging bed with freshly made juice by my butler. What a perfect morning to start the day.