This AW14, I challenge myself with NARS’s new wearable lip colors to perfect my style in any occasion from traveling to a fancy night out. There is always that one shade of lip color you are clung to from trying something new. To break out of this comfort zone, treat lipstick like clothing, for an extension to your outfit-coloring palette. Before buying a wardrobe of lip colors, consult a make up artist to eliminate what tones work best on your skin. Don’t forget that lipstick colors suit different people, and it’s good to consult a makeup artist for the best shades that suit your skin tone. Keep in mind, lip colors not only brighten up your overall complex, it also gives a sense of personality. Read my lips to reveal about my mood, confidence and style .

Catch me on the Weekend

Styling Tips: Go for a pop of NARS “Michiyo” hot pink against prints for a fresh and energetic weekend. Tie your Friday work shirt around waist to add extra shape on waistline along with sunglasses for a laid back approach. A warm color tone bag with Michiyo lips for a casual chic outfit that looks carefree. 

nars1 nars2 nars3

Bag by Jimmy Choo | Dress by SPORTMAX CODE 

Sweet Traveler

Styling Tips: Tone down color palette to white or neutrals and play with textures. A loose-fitting linen shirt is ideal for travel wear. To add a hint of sweetness, dab lipstick natural motion onto lips. I picked “Natalie” for this look since it’s very wearable and keeps my lips moisturized. Throw on a hat and you are ready to head off to your next adventure.


nars5 nars6

Skirt by H&M | Boater hat by ASOS 

Suit Confidence

Styling Tips: Dark burgundy lips are the ultimate beauty ticket to confidence. Work with suits and structured bag to double up both confident and style. “Olivia” burgundy lips matches well with cool tones (such as navy, khaki green or light gray ) instead of warm tones. Go for a sleek all back hair for a modern look. I really like the high pigments of this color, therefore it can be applied easily by yourself. 

nars7 nars8 nars9

Suit  and Shirt by MAX&Co. | Shoes and Bag by Jimmy Choo 

Fabulous Red

Styling Tips: A red lipstick is such a timeless color, that will bring you centre of attention at all times.  It’s an ideal “Rita” lip for evening or special occasions, which can be worn as your jewelry. A chiffon dress can create movements against solid red for the most eye-catching style. nars10 nars11 nars12

dress by Drois Q 


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