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Design Books

One essential trick for styling a photo shoot is to select a couple of good-looking books. They add colour, personality and in general, character. The titles on your coffee table say something about your wit and style. If you flip through a few shelter magazines, you will notice that a lot of the same books keep popping up. In my opinion, fashion designer and film director Tom Ford established himself as an interior design authority with his film A Single Man, not to mention his flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York. Tom Ford is a fashion book chronicling his years developing the Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent brands. The b...
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Tom Ford’s New Collection Unveiled

What happened? Tom Ford actually revealed pictures of his FS2013 RTW? The designer famously never reveals pictures of his intimate shows until the clothes arrive in stores. Has his ego recovered or was his confidence boosted from positive criticism regarding the collection? What do you think? and what do you think about the collection?
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Fashion Humor

Famous fashion people again…Loving these cartoons of Joana Avillez.
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