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Rotterdam designer Roeland Otten has designed a collection of 26 chairs, each spelling out one letter of the alphabet. Called ABChairs, the seats can be arranged to form words. The prototypes of the chairs are made of lacquered MDF, however the designer intends to produce them using rotational moulded plastic.
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Vintage Facebook

Moma The Brazilian advertising company, located in the city of San Pablo, Maximidia Seminars conducted to a brilliant poster entitled "A rapidly aging," in which ads are fake Facebook in a vintage aesthetic us transferred immediately to the 1950s in the United States. Not only do the illustrations, but the way they are drawn up "advertisements" evoke that golden era of the boom in consumption.
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Tom Ford’s New Collection Unveiled

What happened? Tom Ford actually revealed pictures of his FS2013 RTW? The designer famously never reveals pictures of his intimate shows until the clothes arrive in stores. Has his ego recovered or was his confidence boosted from positive criticism regarding the collection? What do you think? and what do you think about the collection?
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Rock Me With A “T”

I love all the fantasy graphic prints popping up lately during fashion weeks. These ladies make the trend look sexy and FUN! I think the price tag on some are crazy though. Obviously it’s not exactly the same thing but I remember getting those t-shirts from HMV with a much ‘friendly’ price…anyway that’s ages ago. I guess when Givenchy or Balenciaga is on the tag it’s totally different story. All photos by Tommy Ton.
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10 Favorite Looks from the 2012 Emmy Awards

You can always count on the Emmy Awards for a colorful red carpet and last Sunday night we certainly were not disappointed. The 2012 Emmy Awards saw a ton of celebrity style statements—with dresses ranging in color from canary yellow through to glittering sea green. I have rounded up some of my favorite looks from the red carpet to share with you. Which is your favorite?
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