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Modern Chicken Coop

"The Nogg" The nogg is a modern chicken coop that has been designed in the shape of an egg. It has been designed to house from 2-4 chickens and is to encourage domestic farming while adding a touch of playful elegance to sit beautifully in any garden, urban or rural environment. The nogg is designed to enhance and compliment it’s surroundings and fit sculpturally with this aesthetic assumption. The nogg aids and advocates the provenance of homegrown foods. Chicken keeping has become a huge trend in the last 18 months and makes an ideal pet with benefits that delivers fresh eggs in the morning.
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Art of Packing

Louis Vuitton has this cool new online service, The Art of packing – LOUIS VUITTON within its own website. This new feature teaches the user how to pack up in a beautiful manner and how to fold their clothes properly. Useful tips and love their nice illustration!
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