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Good In, Bad Out – A Spring Clean for My Body

Here’s a confession: a juice-only deprivation diet is far from my idea of a good time. Wave a salty snack in my direction and I’ll cave within minutes, not days. While I’m no detox virgin, I’ve never made it to first base. With this in mind, my resolutions for January – the traditional month of repentance after the Christmas gorge – were to discover a) just how toxic I actually am, b) what really happens to my body when I detox? and c) am I now old enough and strong enough to overcome the temptation of yammy unhealthy food? To experience the actual health benefits of a detox other than the cinched waist of my Dolce & Gabban...

Art of Packing

Louis Vuitton has this cool new online service, The Art of packing – LOUIS VUITTON within its own website. This new feature teaches the user how to pack up in a beautiful manner and how to fold their clothes properly. Useful tips and love their nice illustration!
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