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Design Books

One essential trick for styling a photo shoot is to select a couple of good-looking books. They add colour, personality and in general, character. The titles on your coffee table say something about your wit and style. If you flip through a few shelter magazines, you will notice that a lot of the same books keep popping up. In my opinion, fashion designer and film director Tom Ford established himself as an interior design authority with his film A Single Man, not to mention his flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York. Tom Ford is a fashion book chronicling his years developing the Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent brands. The b...
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A Woman’s Relationship With Her Wardrobe

A woman’s relationship with her WARDROBE is one of the most important in her life. I know that I will get criticized for that statement, be accused of not knowing where my priorities should lie, but I stand by it. Very few of us could argue that we are unemotional about our clothes, We are judged by the IMAGE we present to the outside world – your OUTFIT speaks volumes about you before you’ve even had the opportunity to open your mouth – so, of course, how we dress has an impact on our day-today lives. But it’s not just that. Clothes make you feel GOOD.Far beyond the THRILL of a new purchase,it’s that clothes have the power...
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