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Good In, Bad Out – A Spring Clean for My Body

Here’s a confession: a juice-only deprivation diet is far from my idea of a good time. Wave a salty snack in my direction and I’ll cave within minutes, not days. While I’m no detox virgin, I’ve never made it to first base. With this in mind, my resolutions for January – the traditional month of repentance after the Christmas gorge – were to discover a) just how toxic I actually am, b) what really happens to my body when I detox? and c) am I now old enough and strong enough to overcome the temptation of yammy unhealthy food? To experience the actual health benefits of a detox other than the cinched waist of my Dolce & Gabban...

Seashell Lip Balm

If you ever had fun collecting shells on the beach, give this lip balm a try. Your lips and inner mermaid will thank you for it. Available for £12.99 from
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Half-Drag – A Different Kind of Beauty

New York’s Drag Queens In And Out Of Makeup In his Half-Drag series, New York photographer Leland Bobbé captures the two sides of the city’s drag queens — the extravagantly made-up drag divas and the organic men that lie beneath. Bobbé tells Huffington Post Gay Voices, “Through the power of hair and makeup these men are able to completely transform themselves and find their female side while simultaneously showing their male side.” Shockingly, the identities are composed in camera and are not separate images joined during editing. Bobbé posted the first portrait of the Half-Drag series on his blog last March, writing, “I...


Scarlett Johansson: “I’m curvy, I’m never going to be 5 feet 11 inch and 120 pounds. But I feel lucky to have what I’ve got. One of the best things for a woman to hear is that she is sexy.” 好可惜在香港社會‘curvy’≠‘sexy’=’guilty’,此心理反映在紅紅火火的纖體廣告上。在一眾女明星中還誓保‘肉底’的只有鐘楚紅-紅姑,新一代中可數得出一、二?(Sammi?欣兒?早憑超人的意志晉身XXS橫列)倒是能唱能跳的Eman林二汶最近狀態大勇,在最近的音樂會上形象大躍進,classy and sexy。 更可愛是她在FB上的一側坦白分享: ”作為現代完美女性的其中一個典范,我認為,內心充滿精力加上熱切,身體卻充滿疲累加上肚餓的時刻,懇切地相信自己的內心,對自己的身體及...