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Vintage Facebook

Moma The Brazilian advertising company, located in the city of San Pablo, Maximidia Seminars conducted to a brilliant poster entitled "A rapidly aging," in which ads are fake Facebook in a vintage aesthetic us transferred immediately to the 1950s in the United States. Not only do the illustrations, but the way they are drawn up "advertisements" evoke that golden era of the boom in consumption.
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Victoria Beckham’s £1 Skin Secret!

Victoria Beckham has just tweeted the first pictures of her Elle France cover shoot with Karl Largerfeld. She described the shoot with Karl as a ‘dream come true.’ In the same week, Victoria revealed one of her top travel beauty tips – perhaps in preparation for the French Elle shoot! She said, ‘Put a layer of baby oil over your face. Protects skin on plane, locks in moisture.’ With Johnson’s Baby Oil travel size at just £1.20 – it’s a brilliant budget beauty tip we can’t wait to try!

10 Favorite Looks from the 2012 Emmy Awards

You can always count on the Emmy Awards for a colorful red carpet and last Sunday night we certainly were not disappointed. The 2012 Emmy Awards saw a ton of celebrity style statements—with dresses ranging in color from canary yellow through to glittering sea green. I have rounded up some of my favorite looks from the red carpet to share with you. Which is your favorite?
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Scarlett Johansson: “I’m curvy, I’m never going to be 5 feet 11 inch and 120 pounds. But I feel lucky to have what I’ve got. One of the best things for a woman to hear is that she is sexy.” 好可惜在香港社會‘curvy’≠‘sexy’=’guilty’,此心理反映在紅紅火火的纖體廣告上。在一眾女明星中還誓保‘肉底’的只有鐘楚紅-紅姑,新一代中可數得出一、二?(Sammi?欣兒?早憑超人的意志晉身XXS橫列)倒是能唱能跳的Eman林二汶最近狀態大勇,在最近的音樂會上形象大躍進,classy and sexy。 更可愛是她在FB上的一側坦白分享: ”作為現代完美女性的其中一個典范,我認為,內心充滿精力加上熱切,身體卻充滿疲累加上肚餓的時刻,懇切地相信自己的內心,對自己的身體及...


無論何時,大家總有追過迷過瘋狂‘煲’過的電視劇,劇中的場景在夢中也會出現。藝術家Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde憑藉著他高超的繪畫能力,將曾紅極一時電視劇的公寓floorplan活生生的呈現出來。 當中《Sex and the City》、《Mad Men》、《Friends》等多部電視劇,各個主角的家中我們一覽無遺,連傢俱擺設衣服書本煙灰缸也算得恰恰好,精細程度難以想像,倒是我們幫這位藝術家覓尋一條出路,希望眾電視台能與之合作釋出更多的設計平面圖,一滿粉絲的偷窺慾。
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