Here’s a confession: a juice-only deprivation diet is far from my idea of a good time. Wave a salty snack in my direction and I’ll cave within minutes, not days. While I’m no detox virgin, I’ve never made it to first base.

With this in mind, my resolutions for January – the traditional month of repentance after the Christmas gorge – were to discover a) just how toxic I actually am, b) what really happens to my body when I detox? and c) am I now old enough and strong enough to overcome the temptation of yammy unhealthy food? To experience the actual health benefits of a detox other than the cinched waist of my Dolce & Gabbana pencil skirt feeling more cooperative?

Feeling full of determination, I volunteered to find out. I decided to embark on a three-day juice detox with Be-Juiced, a local detox delivery service. This is how it works: consume six different bottles of specially blend of fruits and vegetables through out the day with lots of warm water. In my case, eighteen bottles of juice in three days. No caffeine.  (Gosh!)

I received my juice delivery the evening before my program. Three bags, 18 bottles fit perfectly into my fridge, NICE! They named each bottle with names like Green Machine, Milkilicious,OMG,Veggie Bomb,Morning Squeeze and Dr Bunny. Hm…interesting, wonder if they taste as good as they sounds?

On day one, started my day with my first bottle at 10:30 followed with the second one an hour later. By midday, I’m tapping my fingers on the desk, willing myself not to reach for the biscuits. So I quickly drank another bottle. After all six bottles, I found that they each taste better than the one before. For example I found the last bottle, Milkilicious is absolutely delicious! Not too bad for the first day.

Day two is much tougher, known in the detox business as ‘first action’, where toxins are released into the system, trying to find their way out of the body. As a result, I feel sick, tired and headache and all I can think of is getting to bed so tomorrow comes quicker.

Thank God, then on day three I turn a corner – my energy levels return and I’m starting to feel the benefits – namely I’m full of energy, clear-headed and very awake. So miraculously, I accomplished my goal – no meat, sugar, caffeine and juice only for three whole days! And I feel great!

While my juice detox hasn’t flushed out every last toxin in my body, I did put good,clean food back into the engine and still lost a pound or two. It does show detoxing can improve our health considerably. Though the benefits may not last forever, It ‘s like pushing the RESET button on the body. A spring clean for my body/ After this, I may well be converted.