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TOD’S x INDICUBE (Ladies’ Edition)

In fashion, as in life, attitude is everything.  With the launch of the Wave Bag, TOD’S collaborated with INDICUBE to photograph eight leading icons of Hong Kong to represent the new TOD’S BAND. Anyone who has been a part of any photoshoot would understand the utter chaos of its culmination behind-the-scenes.  Spanning over two days of photoshoot, myraid sets of clothing and shoes, and some light munching in late hours of video editing, we are so happy to finally share the final shots and videos.  Explore here in the chic tones of black and white the five female icons of Hong Kong, their worlds, style inspirations and what m...
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An Artistic Getaway

With new restaurants and cafes popping up on each turn of its streets, Hong Kong is a city eternally fuelled with budding businesses and buzzing energy. With its limited space and towering rent, there is only a modicum of artistic getaways in the city that stays true to its artisanal roots.  This week, I discovered a true gem in the blossoming district of Sai Ying Pun: COBO HOUSE & Artisan Room. Juxtaposed each other on South Lane,  COBO HOUSE, by 2am dessertbar, is a new restaurant in collaboration with two-times award-winning pastry chef Janice Wong.  Next to it is the tasteful Artisan Room, with the first and only grou...
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