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Message from your skin

What’s your Skin’s Destiny? What would your skin say if they can speak? If you care about your body, you should listen to what it wants and feels. Magic ring of SK-II is the newest magic (literally) that tells you how your skin feels or how you have been treating it in less than 5 minutes. Should be warn that you would feel a little anxious and guilty while waiting for the results. Texture (proudly scored 100% wahahha), firmness, wrinkles, spots, radiance. Everything you need to know will appear on that screen. All the late nights retouch and sunscreen-less outdoor photoshoot all summer is now very visible in solid numbers and ...
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Gold, Gold, Sparkly Gold!‏

When I am on set, I feel like i’m doing squats with camera/weights. The usual studio attire is jeans and tee. No Heels, no dresses, sometimes I have this secret craving for some glamour! Fragrance can make women feel very precious. We all know how sad it is when stuck in an intensely perfumed elevator, always love light and refreshing ones, I feel it merges more with your personal scent and create a brand new chemistry! My new favourite is Gucci Premiere, it is an Eau de Toilette that channels the red carpet glamour of a premiere, but without that intensity of a big night out. Taken inspiration from Gucci Premiere Couture Collec...
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Summer Time!

I did an interview with super hip brands distributer Electric Sekki on their blog recently. They are the one who brings Superga, Sass&Bides and many more other cool brands to us. I was wearing my favourite scuba dress in the interview. Whats your favourite summer look? Check it out at: http://blog.electricsekki.com/2014/07/spotlight-on-olivia-tsang.html
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