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Message from your skin

What’s your Skin’s Destiny? What would your skin say if they can speak? If you care about your body, you should listen to what it wants and feels. Magic ring of SK-II is the newest magic (literally) that tells you how your skin feels or how you have been treating it in less than 5 minutes. Should be warn that you would feel a little anxious and guilty while waiting for the results. Texture (proudly scored 100% wahahha), firmness, wrinkles, spots, radiance. Everything you need to know will appear on that screen. All the late nights retouch and sunscreen-less outdoor photoshoot all summer is now very visible in solid numbers and ...
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RiRi >3 M.A.C.

女孩子總有喜愛紅唇的時候!其實本來我不太追求細膩的唇線(主要因為我不懂畫),但這套RiRi <3 M.A.C.系列的唇彩就徹底令我改觀!這枝lip gloss十分易用,而且亦很顯色,輕輕一畫已有俏麗的紅唇,質地亦非常creamy,好期待周末試用同系列的裸色唇膏和啡色眼影!  Yup,It's one of those days when a girl in desperate need of a little red lipsticks. Should be told I'm not too crazy about delicate lip line (mostly because I dont know how argh!) but these RiRi <3 M.A.C. Lipcream in RiRi Woo Is magically easy to use and give you that instant potent classic red with a hint of youthful creamy texture. Can't wait to try out the RiRi <3 M.A.C. matte nude li...
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