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My surface is prettier than yours :-p

你知道攝影師的真正工作嗎?除了影相的環節更要做資料搜集、拍攝前期的proposal、還有後期的揀相及執相。我個人認為執相是將自己與外界隔離,一個人在電腦面前的沈悶工作,就像小朋友看著朋友仔一個一個去玩,自己郤與電腦困着。最近我愛上了Microsoft Surface 平板電腦,輕巧的平板電腦,最適合在戶外工作,或在Cafe休閑地research,加上one touch 功能的電腦筆,就連執相都方便準確。 當然我也被她的外表吸引,有不同顏色組合的Signature版鍵盤保護蓋特別採用意大利獨有的高科技奢華物料Alcantara,常用於Maserati、Aston Martin及BMW等超級名貴跑車,揉合極簡約設計美學,人造麂皮物料的質感及極具耐用性的結合,細心觀察你會發現每個Signature版鍵盤保護蓋都是獨一無二的。 我選擇了...
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5 mins to Good Hair Day

I love mornings, i would get up earlier than i should just to have my mornings! Big breakfast, two coffees, and a decent 30 mins to get ready is just the perfect way to start my day. Not everyday can be like this tho, in reality I am running a 20 mins bed to cab schedule, the cereal the coffee, the shower, makeup and get dressed… Truth be told, my hair is sad 🙁  After zillionth time of straightening and bleaching, they are literally lifeless. so i want to add some volume and shine to the hair. I see hair stylist work their magic almost every other day on set, its the skills but actually its more the tools! Most styler (curler,...
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Are you curious?

Never stop looking at the world through kid’s eyes, only that you would feel alive and surprised. Photographer is honest, it is not only about getting the right lighting but how you look through the lens with curiosity. I think being a photographer is a lifestyle, a challenge to yourself to be constantly curious and inspired and be able to translate all of these excitement into visuals. “ALL CREATIVITY EVERY OUNCE OF IMAGINATION EVERY IDEA THAT’S EVER BEEN THUNK STARTS FROM ONE LITTLE ITCH: CURIOSITY.” This statement from Fossil’s new creation “The Curiosity Set” a collection of easy breezy casual luxe bags and watches, su...
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