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I have always have this special love for dogs. I don’t even know where to start with how human abuse dogs. Thanks to ELLE and Hong Kong Dog Rescue I was finally able to do a dog adoption campaign with the least i can do. While taking portraits for these dogs and their owners, there was this honest trust, love and passion from the dogs to their owners. The expressions on the dogs’ faces were pure joy. To them we are their universe, regardless of rich and poor, us owners are the luckiest to receive the unconditional love from dogs. I was told that even dogs at the breeders would not hate the “owners” for how they treat them but...
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性感的身軀,卻蘊藏著男仔頭性格,實在令人難以抗拒。 對於走過份可愛路線的女生,有時反而令我有點不知如何應對。 周秀娜正是一個外表冷酷,專業,反應敏捷,且還帶一點孩子氣魅力的女生,我真的很喜歡她! Hot girl with cool boys attitude is just irresistible.  Baby voice and i'm-a-cute-little-girl turns me off.  Chrissie Chau is exactly that cool girl, professional, quick witted, boyish charm combined. i really really like her.          
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攝影是一件神奇的事情,站在鏡頭背後充滿浪漫與神秘感,倘若剎那間令時間停止。 攝影是很老實的,攝影師腦中的想法,都會從相片中反映出來,非常耐人尋味。 以下是最近為Aaron Kwok拍攝的相片。Enjoy! I think photography is an amazing thing, the romance and secrecy of standing behind the lens, it freezes moment between moment. Photography so honest, the reflection of whats on the photographer's mind is always so intriguing. Here are a few shots of Mr. Aaron Kwok. Enjoy!
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