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Tugu Bali’s zen paradise

    You can’t come to Bali without experiencing a traditional Balinese massage. One of the great things about Tugu is that all guests are offered a complimentary 15 minute massage which can be arranged at any time throughout your stay. Once your booking has been made, a therapist will greet you at your suite and escort you to the spa for your treatment.   The Warong Djamoe Spa is centrally located within the resort and offers a wide range of unique Balinese treatments. Alongside massage and bodywork, experience the ancient art of apothecary and herbal healing, reiki and chakra opening. If you are lucky enough to be at Hotel T...

High tea towers

    If you are into afternoon tea this one is a must try. Fashion designer Tawn Chatchavalvong and Executive Chef Christopher Miller teamed up to create a special edition afternoon tea experience inspired by the glamorous legacy of the first St. Regis in New York and and modern thai cuisine. Tawn C. has designed special obelisk-shaped tea stands which reference the iconic Manhattan skyline and the modern city views from The St. Regis Bangkok. He has also created a signature look – similarly inspired – which will be worn by the hotel’s associates during afternoon tea. referencing the Old New York, Modern Bangkok, there are ca...
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Forever Women, Forever Passion

鑽石永恒的價值,並不只在於價錢,更重要的是 『鑽石恒久遠 一顆永留傳』的真正意義,是大自然生命力的見證。如何保護大自然和回饋社區達致持續發展的目標,由開採、分類、加工、設計、打磨等等的繁複工序,從工作人員對每個細節的尊重,才是真正永恒的價值。 前往位於博茨瓦納(Botswana)的奧拉帕鑽礦,開展Forevermark探索美鑽之旅。 最近與獲 De Beers 集團旗下美鑽品牌 Forevermark 的特别邀請到非洲南部博茨瓦納(Botswana)的美鑽之旅,由開採至送到佩戴者手上的過程,遇上了在不同崗位努力工作的女性,讓我明白到開採鑽礦對女性在社區的地位、機會的多方面影響。 首先前往非洲南部博茨瓦納(Botswana)的奧拉帕(Orapa,意思是「獅子的棲息地」),參觀了其中全球最大、每年平...
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Summer Time!

I did an interview with super hip brands distributer Electric Sekki on their blog recently. They are the one who brings Superga, Sass&Bides and many more other cool brands to us. I was wearing my favourite scuba dress in the interview. Whats your favourite summer look? Check it out at: http://blog.electricsekki.com/2014/07/spotlight-on-olivia-tsang.html
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izzue x 清華大學2014全球時尚設計創意邀請大賽‏

2013年,izzue與清華大學合辦「izzue x 清華大學時裝設計大賞」,並聯同四地著名時裝設計學府,包括中國北京清華大學美術學院(Academy of Art & Design , Tsinghua University)、香港理工大學(THE HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY)、美國帕森斯設計學院(PARSONS THE NEW SCHOOL FOR DESIGN)、英國中央聖馬丁設計學院(CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND DESIGN)及英國倫敦時裝學院(LONDON COLLEGE OF FASHION),邀請其時裝設計系學生參賽,推動世界各地年輕一輩的創意交流,並提供平台予學生釋放其時尚理念。 izzue今年再接再厲與清華大學時尚教育合作,舉行「izzue x 清華大學2014全球時尚設計創意邀請大賽」,除英國倫敦時裝學院外,去年的四所時裝院校亦再次參與...
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