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Tugu Bali’s Art Dining

  Hotel Tugu Bali’s serves healthy and delicious dining options at various venues throughout the resort. With a wide variety of local and international flavours to choose from, every day there seemed to be something different and exciting to try on the menu. Ingredients were always fresh and flavourful and the incredible atmosphere made dining an unforgettable experience.   One of the outstanding dining experiences is Iwa Restaurant’s weekly cultural showcase.  Every Thursday evening, guests are invited to dine in the majestic Bale Agung – Hotel Tugu Bali’s dramatic hall where a feast of local specialities are served whils...
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Live Balinese-ly

Oberoi 位於 Seminyak 市中心,面積寬闊,茂密草地,像置身熱帶花園,充滿印尼傳統色彩的水池和建築,對細節的執着,令酒店成為獨一無二的體驗。 傳統的峇里式建築,在藍天、草地和樹木襯托下,變成最舒適的熱帶花園。 坐落於沙灘上的最佳位置,是 Oberoi 酒店其中一個最吸引的元素。 到處都是漂亮的樹木,真正 #nofilter。  特別是在充滿歷史氣氛,以印尼寺廟為建築靈感的 The Amphitheater,每星期兩次的傳統印尼舞蹈表演,酒店會在這特別的地點安排晚餐,讓住客一邊欣賞,一邊在晚上舒適的海風中享用 al fresco dining。
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