Spas are modern people’s magic caves. You walked in broken and came out refreshed! Run by the Elemis, the spa at St. Regis Bangkok have all the treatments from the notorious Elemis Spa Menu, there are rooms for all the specific needs: traditional thai suites, face and body sculpt room with anti-acing and cellulite reduction technology, marble and mosaic wet room for body scrubs and masks, dream journey room with therapeutic lighting, music and aromas for wellbeing services including meditation, sleep therapy, yoga, sound therapy and energy work.


Think white leather, thai silk, mellow lighting and nature sound, the relaxation lounge is just next level, resting in one of the suspending raffia nests above the jacuzzi and ice pool makes you feel like a baby in the cradle.

Gym is also very “next level” with the built in ring for thai boxing training, my favourite skill mill and ofcos beautiful city view makes this the St. Regis Bangkok wellness department a complete package!

水療中心是現代人的神奇洞穴。你走進時疲勞洩氣,當你出來的時候 精神煥發!曼谷St. Regis 的水療中心由Elemis經營,提供 Elemis Spa 的著名護理服務,有滿足不同要求的客房:傳統泰式套房,面部和身體造型室,具有抗衰老和減少脂肪的技術,大理石和馬賽克的wet room,用於身體磨砂,Dream journey room,配有柔和的燈光,音樂和aromoatherapy ,提供包括冥想,睡眠療法,瑜伽,聲音療法和能量工作。

白色皮革,泰國絲綢,柔和的燈光和自然的音樂,休閒室就在下一層,在按摩浴缸上方的懸浮式raffia nest 中休息,讓您感覺像是搖籃中的嬰兒。

健身房也非常“ next level ”,內置泰式拳擊訓練的ring ,我最喜歡的skill mill 和城市景觀使這個曼谷St. Regis 水療健身部門成為一個完整的 package