La Valise upper beach front room 面對加勒比海的magical日出。

全人手翻新改建的 La Valise Tulum,完全融入海岸與叢林之間。

擁有墨西哥境內唯一建在海邊的瑪雅遺跡,Tulum是加勒比海著名度假天堂,連綿8.7公里的海灘上建有各式餐飲設施及酒店,時刻營造享樂時光。今年1月開業的 La Valise Tulum酒店,原本是一幢棕櫚屋頂的豪華私人大宅,經人手翻新改建後成為一間提供4間叢林小屋及5間海景套房的隱密精品酒店。
隱藏在白牆及木柵背後,開放式設計的公共空間讓 La Valise Tulum完全融入海岸與叢林之間,陽光及海風穿透每個角落,配合室內裝飾設計師 Mike Diaz 精心配襯的自然色系陳設,讓人盡情享受喧鬧中的靜謐。

酒店主人Yves Naman 在 2014 年於墨西哥城開設旗下第一間酒店,專門為講究美學、著眼設計及享受寧靜的旅人提供優質住宿體驗。今年他更從墨西哥城邀請年輕主廚 Cesar Casteñada及另外六位廚師坐鎮全新開設的 NÜ Tulum餐廳,以就地取得的新鮮食材,創作現代墨西哥菜式,讓旅人多重體驗的地道風味。


開放式設計的公共空間讓陽光及海風穿透 La Valise Tulum每個角落。

La Valise 的室內裝飾設計師 Mike Diaz 精心配襯的自然色系陳設。

年輕主廚 Cesar Casteñada (左)及另外六位廚師坐鎮全新開設的 NÜ Tulum餐廳,以就地取得的新鮮食材,創作現代墨西哥菜式,讓旅人多重體驗的地道風味。

NÜ Tulum的清爽紅菜頭藜麥沙律和美味的甜點。

Located km 8.7 of the beautiful Tulum beach strip, La Valise Tulum is a 9 bedrooms hotel nested between the luxuriant jungle and the pearl white sand beaches of the Caribbean. Opened in January this year, originally built as a 6 bedroom private property in the early 2000´s, it has been remodeled  4 jungle cabañas and 5 beachfront suites. All construction has been vernacular to Tulum building techniques, from the palm tree saccate Palapas to pool, floors and walls made of color altered Chukum, the entire construction has been handmade.

The airy design of the property allows La Valise Tulum to fully blend in between the coast and the jungle. Interior furnishings by Mike Diaz, antiques furniture specialist from Mexico City to curate the selection of fabric, colors and handmade furniture occupying the spaces of the bedrooms and communal areas.

Hotel owner and designer Yves Naman opened his first hotel in Mexico City in 2014, specializing in high-quality accommodation for aesthetically conscious travellers. This year, in additional to the opening of La Valise, Yves has  invited young chef Cesar Casteñada and six other chefs from Mexico City to run the newly opened NÜ Tulum Restaurant to create modern Mexican dishes using fresh ingredients from the local area.

La Valise Tulum

NÜ Tulum