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What’s your Skin’s Destiny? What would your skin say if they can speak?

If you care about your body, you should listen to what it wants and feels.

Magic ring of SK-II is the newest magic (literally) that tells you how your skin feels or how you have been treating it in less than 5 minutes. Should be warn that you would feel a little anxious and guilty while waiting for the results. Texture (proudly scored 100% wahahha), firmness, wrinkles, spots, radiance. Everything you need to know will appear on that screen. All the late nights retouch and sunscreen-less outdoor photoshoot all summer is now very visible in solid numbers and percentages. The upgraded magic ring can even analyze the skin around your eyes! (first ever!) This will also be kept as a record, so you can assess your skin every now and then to see if you are doing anything wrong or actually doing something right.

I am a loyal fan for SK-II, the relationship has been going well for a few years now. I think if not because of those religious splashes of facial treatment essence and stempower essence, with the way i work and constantly lack of sleep i would look 50 by now.

A new product to the Stempower family is their eye cream.  What’s inside this little red jar is some potent eye serum but in light and creamy form, massage it gently around your eyes to take care of fine lines, dry lines and dark circles, it also firms up your eye lid and makes them stay in place longer than they should. i use it in the morning, at night and it even lives right next to the computer so i can dub it on quickly when i abuse my eyes to those LED bright lights…. everyday.

Give your skin a better destiny, this is the investment you’ll never regret, because you’ll live in your skin forever.

Click the link below and register, you will be rewarded SK-II Stempower Eye Cream 14days trial sample (Price: HK$120)

Registration period: 21 – 31 Oct 2014
The samples are available while stock lasts!