I have always have this special love for dogs.

I don’t even know where to start with how human abuse dogs.

Thanks to ELLE and Hong Kong Dog Rescue I was finally able to do a dog adoption campaign with the least i can do.

While taking portraits for these dogs and their owners, there was this honest trust, love and passion from the dogs to their owners.

The expressions on the dogs’ faces were pure joy. To them we are their universe, regardless of rich and poor, us owners are the luckiest to receive the unconditional love from dogs.

I was told that even dogs at the breeders would not hate the “owners” for how they treat them but they would only be sad and heart broken.

It is a sad sad scenario when it comes to the cruelty of dog breeding industry. I hope that this campaign, will at least make you pay more attention to the hidden cruelty of pet shops and see the beauty of rescued dogs.

if dogs don’t mind what you look like to give you that unconditional love, why should you?

All dogs are beautiful. and it is an eternal promise that, being a dog owner makes your soul the richest (at least it is for me)

Save lives, Adopt!