Chanel J12腕錶最新有新搞作,白色富光澤的陶瓷,錶盤上優雅的字體,有節奏地滴答滴答響,J12腕錶混合於時尚與奢華之間,使得她精緻迷人。

There is something about Chanel's J12 watches, something about the white shinny ceramic, the fonts on the dial, the rhythm of its tick tock, it is that hybrid and balance between fashion and luxe watches that makes she so mesmerizing. Last night Chanel unveiled the new J12 watches, perfect for 365 days, the perfect touch for any looks. 

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發布會現場,以小型的LED screen圍著佈置,你彷彿罝身於手錶的中心,逐格逐格的LED屏幕細看,由1月1 日至12月31日,整整365日每個時刻,都顯示於LED屏幕上。每格菲林都來自世界各地不同的人,如一個藝術作品和紀錄片,我們每個人都珍惜或錯過。

At the presentation, there were little LED screens lined up as a circle like the dial of a watch, in each screen there a moment about a day, from 1st January to 31st December, 365 frames of moments, collected from different people all over the world. It was almost like an artwork and documentary of moments we treasured or missed.

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