Katie Grand Love Hogan過去的3季系列我都很喜歡,此系列的DNA是sporty﹑年輕﹑時尚又簡單,整個系列充滿型格。
Katie Grand Love Hogan此設計的靈魂有一種創造力,其態度是無法解釋,無可替代的,其他的設計師亦無法複製的。 

I have been in love with Katie Grand Love Hogan collection ever since it was born three seasons ago.
There is something about the DNA of this capsule collection. 

Its ageless, sporty, contemporary, simple and just born with a cool vibe.
When heart and soul is being poured into a creation, that attitude is unexplainable and irreplaceable. 
No copy cat can produce the same. 


Katie Grand <3 Hogan leather in red.
Katie Grand <3 Hogan紅色的皮革sneakers。


Katie Grand 12歲時想:「 I just want to be cool.」一個簡單又不可缺少的信念,讓她對時裝設計一直堅持走下去。 
Grand之後為 Dazed & Confused (The Face’s Fashion Director, Editor in Chief of POP) 工作,


Katie Grand at the age of 12 she thought “ I just want to be cool.”
It was that simple determination and that can’t live without desire that drives you go all the way. 

Grand then worked for Dazed & Confused, The Face’s Fashion Director, Editor in Chief of POP. 
Grand also styles shows for Louis Vuitton and many other big names.  
I like Grand because you can see sometimes see a sort of childlike passion in her works. 


Katie Grand <3 Hogan麂皮混色sneakers。
Katie Grand <3 Hogan suede sneakers in multi colours.


混合了Hogan的意大利摩登作風及Katie Grand的時尚,
Katie Grand Love Hogan系列
女人味不再流露自復古優雅,你亦可穿上Katie Grand Love Hogan成為現代都市中最有型的女性。 

A hybrid of Hogan's italian modernity and Katie Grand's fashion vision, simple shapes, organic colors, and best of all SUPER walkable while being super cool.
Just in time for this season’s sneaker fever, for the very first time sneakers are taking the lead!
You can wear it with anything, casual shorts and jeans of course, also they have that weird chemistry even with sexy feminine dresses, it becomes that fun city coolness instead of same old elegance. 
Sometimes its nice to feel a little like a boy 🙂



Katie Grand帶著她設計的polka dots hearts 出席米蘭Hogan launch party。
Katie Grand and her polka dots hearts at Hogan launch party in Milan.



著名的加拿大籍模特兒Linda Evangelist亦有參與系列設計,並由英國攝影師Daniel Jackson操刀。
In the campaign, Linda Evangelist lensed by British photographer Daniel Jackson.



模特兒 Joan Smalls及劉雯亦參與過拍攝品牌宣傳照。
Another campaign shots featuring Joan Smalls and Liu Wen.