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自從高中時與拯救狗隻的素食家庭生活過,我就一直想為小狗和慈善出一分力。今次終於有機會了!適逢首爾去年開始了狗隻領養活動,因此造就了我與英俊的Daniel Henney為善待動物組織(PETA)拍攝新一輯的廣告。在你眼中,這些可能只是再普通不過的相片,但Daniel對小狗的熱愛,便成就了這些簡單而發自內心的照片。

When I was in high school I stayed with a vegetarian family who runs dog rescue, since then I hv always wanted to do a dogs related charity project. My collaboration with the gorgeous Daniel Henney for PETA (people for ethical treatment of animals) is finally launched. The dog adoption campaign was shot In Seoul last year. They could be some ordinary images but Daniel's passion and love to dogs has totally made a world of difference to these simple but heartfelt shots.