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Nick Knight -UpClose Upper House Talk

SAT afternoon well spent with my fashion friends drinkie first at Cafe Gray and off to suppoert international renowned Fashion Photographer Nick Knight’s ‘UpClose Talk’ at my second home Upper House hotel.  Nick was such a great story teller and as usual…I was the first guest to ask questions.  What an inspiring guy…his very own quote ‘Don’t chase fame, money and happiness’ and I have to say…at this stage of my life and at this age…I totally agree!!  There is MORE to life than trival things! The fashion industry is full of ‘big egos’, ‘wannabes’ and ‘fashion victims’ and to hear such great words from a man who ...
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I am soooooo touched by all the special clips I received from friends, family, celebs friends!  THANK YOU all for supporting my new baby ‘GRACE LAM STYLE’ web-series launching on Youtube, Weibo, Instagram, Youku tomorrow 14th May (Mother’s Day)!  A special BIG thank you to super star from China Chris Li Yu Chun (李宇春), new gen Supermodel He Cong (贺聪),  art photographer/film director Wing Shya,  former Miss HK/actress/mum Liz Lee (李美鳳), HK Supermodel QiQi (琦琦), Cara G& Janet Ma (馬詩慧) and all my fashionista friends from Tatler HK fashion director Justine,  my Upper House hotel family esp the General Manager Marc...
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Wing Shya’s birthday party

Renowned photographer/film director Wing Shya is one of my oldest friend in HK.  His photography work is seen worldwide & he often collaborate with film director Wong Kar Wai. I first met him in HK but I was still living in London then working for London i-D magazine.  It was his birthday this week and he hosted a lovely and fun party at his studio.  Good food, good chats & def a good Xmas Eve!  Happy Bday my good mate!!
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