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Matches Fashion x Yardbird Private Dinner

Last night a late ‘private dinner’ Matches Fashion x at Yardbird for a book by chef Matt.  Congrats Matt & Lindsay on the book launch. My outfit from + summer sandals/bag from Chanel.  It was wicked to catch up with my former GQ colleague Jacky for agessssss.  We chit chat so much that we missed our dinner LOL. Instagram:  @gracelamstyle Youtube/FB: Grace Lam Style . .
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Food LOVER! Follow JCKitchen new food blog

My dear husband Jason is a fashion/beauty photographer & documentary film maker by day.  By night & weekends, he goes back to his other passion…’Cooking’!  He has been cooking since he was a teenager & learnt from the BEST (his Mama & Grandma).  A true Italiano family, they all share secrets cooking recipes & love for food!  His new food blog not only tells you how to cook, what to cook but also ‘why’ & ‘how’ food science works in a very simple way.  LUSH photos (some of them taken by me haha). Check out his new food blog & Instagram! Spread the word! Spread the foodie love! . Instagram:  @jasoncapobiancoKitchen www....
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SaiKung 西貢 HK new cafe MUST GO!

People come and go in my life.  Some people I wish I never met as they give out negative vibes & bad energy! Such a waste of my time!!! . I was lucky enough to meet my assistant Gum gum 12 years ago.  I just moved from London to Shanghai for VOGUE CHINA as their Senior Fashion Style Editor and I was shooting a lot in HK.  I never worked in HK so I didnt know many people.  I trained Gum Gum to be one of the best & most responsible fashion assistants in HK.  These days its hard to find young peope that are willing to work and work hard!  She is def my lucky star and my good loyal friend.  I am mega proud of her and BIG CONGR...
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