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WOMEN I love- Celebration of WOMEN

What a weekend it was!  First it was International Women’s Day to kick off the weekend!  I want to celebrate and show you all the ladies in my life that I like and love!  My relationships with all my listed friends…we have NO jealousy, NO b*tchyness and we stand up for each other which is so rare to find.  It is hard to make ‘true & legit’ friends esp in the fashion industry as some people are fickle. These ladies ROCK my world!! LOVE YOU! Empower women! Women should stick together, help each other!  As we dont have enough to worry about and deal with anyway! Instagram:  @gracelamStyle . . In no particul...
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Amazing chill but fun loving birthday weekend!

I am not fussy about my birthday! Afterall I aint 4 yrs old and I find it weird that people make such a fuss about birthday once you pass a certain age.  I havent celebrated by birthday with friends for at least 3-4 yrs but I thought this year it would be nice to get together anyway cos we all need to eat.  When you hit 40+ you know who your real friends are, what you want in life and it is easier to say yes/no to people & things.  I am super picky about whom I spend my time with these days.  My close group of friends are mostly nuts, no BS & totally legit talents in HK.  More importantly they dont get annoyed with me when I...
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