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POEM by TATE Dining renowned chef Vicky Lau

THANKS to the very talented chef Vicky Lau for ruining my bikini summer diet haha!! POEM Patisserie is the new baby by TATE Dining chef.  Check it out peeps!! Mega lush & yummy!  Support HK talent!! . Instagram:  @gracelamstyle  @gracelamf1 . Youtube:  Grace Lam (search GRACE LAM STYLE episode 1) . snapchat:  gracelamf1 . . .
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March Queen Happy Birthday 25 Again!!

Its been a hectic last week Art Basel/Art Central + collecting my ‘STYLIST OF THE YEAR’ award + my 25 Bday celebration (again and again).  Im not a big bday person and I dont fuss about my bday too much….lets face it I am not a kid so why would I get excited about getting old LOL!! However I do love spending time with good mates eating good yummy food though!!  This year I decided to turn down my AMFAR Gala Dinner invite and instead I went to have a quiet dinner at new Tate Dining (by Vicky Lau) with my 2 husbands hee hee.  Pre bday dinner at Mott 32 with my good mate JJ Acuna who’s also a March baby.  It has become an an...
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