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OOKONN cool travel luggage new launch ‘CURVE’

A Hong Kong brand that has hit international stockists such as net a porter/Lane Crawford/10 Corso Como!  If you havent heard of this cool luggage brand ‘OOKONN’ you are missing out!  Founder/Designer Anson Shum was a PR for Hugo Boss/Jimmy Choo but started this brand 2.5 yrs ago.  Back to his design root and a graduate from London renowned Central St Martins Art school in Fashion Design.  We never met when I was studying at St Martins (Graphic Design) but we reunited in HK instead. Me as the brand Creative Stylist/Ambassador we are proud to present the new collection ‘Curve’ which was inspired by music, sound waves & my ...
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Thanks for coming to my DFS x OOKONN Event last Friday!

When I see a talented designer I always support esp if the designer is from Hong Kong!!!  OOKONN travel suitacase is round, fun, practical & unique.  Co-Founder Anson Shum is the designer behind this brilliant carry-on suitcase!  Thanks to all our VIP guests for coming to the ‘Dark Side AKA Kowloon’ DFS Canton road to support Anson & I.  Thanks so much for buying buying buying!!!  Thanks to all my KOL friends for making our event glam & cool! Please check out this exclusive pattern OOKONN suitcase only available at DFS Canton Road for the next 2 months!  You can also do personalization too!  Check it out! . Instagram:  ...
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Travel in Style – OOKONN

If you havent heard of this new brand ‘OOKONN’ you have be missing out!!!!  ‘OOKONN’ born and bred in Hong Kong.  It is the cutest carry-on travel luggage and probably the only round shaped case in the market at the moment.  Co-Founder & Designer Mr Anson Shum is my mate from Central St Martins.  Anson has a fashion design background and previously worked for Jimmy Choo/Hugo Boss/Bluebell PR group.  I already shot this cutie for my editorial story for Conde Nast Traveller! . It is a ‘Must Buy’ if you want to be different and travel in style!  You can also get personalization on your ‘OOKONN’ and its loved by all the...
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