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Naoshima 直島 & Kyoto 京都 Food & Travel Japan Vacation 日本

Who says fashion people dont eat haha.  I am a total foodie and this vacation we ate such amazing meals! Some places we went to were Michelin Star quality and some were very local good finds.  If you want some yummy food tips…..check this out!!    &    
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Naoshima 直島, Japan Summer Vacation 2016

I just came back from my lovely & fun vacation.  I am a fashion working mom and it was such a bliss to have a complete ‘freedom’ holiday with my sister & my niece in Japan!  Here’s my travel diary of 11 days.  1st stop Naoshima 直島.  Not many people know (even some Japanese I met along the way never heard of Naoshima) about this amazing travel destination.  To art lovers like me it was an amazing experience.  Naoshima is famous for it’s art culture & Japanese renowned artist Yayoi Kusama’s pumpkin sculpture.  If you love art you must visit this hidden treasure island! Instagram:  @gracelamstyle   @...
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