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Korean Nun Jeong Kwan in HK last night

If you never heard of Jeong Kwan…..well do defo watch Netflix’s Chef’s Table.  It will blow your mind!! Korean Nun Jeong Kwan says she is not a chef but enjoys cooking.  She is so inspiring!! I love her quotes! after I watched her episode it really changed my mind overnight about how I look at creativity and things!!!  Last night it was an honour to have her grace Asia Society.  She gave cooking demo and we even tasted her signature mushroom dish with her 15 & 5 years old homemade soy sauce!  It was such a shame they couldnt get a better Korean/English translator as a lot of what JK said was defo ‘lost in translation’ l...
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Day 5 Mount Kurama 鞍馬山, Kyoto Japan Vacation 2016

I started my meditation journey recently back in HK so naturally when visit Kyoto I wanted to take a hike to the birth place of Reiki practice at “Mount Kurama” 鞍馬山.  Mount Kurama is North West of Kyoto city and it only took half an hour from city via train to get to this amazing zen location.  We basically did a 3.5 hours hike and being unfit my legs were like jelly after the hike haha.  This is what I love about Japan one minute you are in the city which offers many entertainment then the next minute you could take a train ride to another world.  I meditated in front of the ‘3 fold flame’ and hugged a massive sacred...
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